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Scarlet Rebels – Melodic hard rock band Scarlet Rebels were formed from the foundations of Welsh rock band V0iD.The band have released three official albums under the name of V0iD – Ballads For Beauties And Beasts (2009), Zer0 (2010) and Keep Fighting (2015).In 2018, singer-songwriter Wayne Doyle, energetic and powerhouse drummer Gary Doyleand harmonic, rhythmic bassist Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde we’re joined by blistering lead guitarist Chris Jones and on second guitar/keyboards, Josh Townshend, who has rock royalty flowing through his veins, being the son of The Who guitarist Simon Townshend and the nephew of rock icon Pete Townshend.And with the re-energised and re-imagined line-up came a new name – SCARLET REBELS ‘Show Your Colours’ is the debut album by Scarlet Rebel, showcasing an array of songwriting talent, coupled with real sonic weight, making it a stunning record from start to finish, never losing the focus that the song is always served best.With the expert ears of Tim Hamill (Lemmy,Girlschool, George Michael) controlling the desk,the recording process started with drums and rhythm guitars before then handing over to the rest of the band to put their stamp on the songs.The outcome was 14 songs of soaring melodies, anthemic choruses, blistering guitars and heavy-duty drums.Scarlet Rebels prove on this album that songwriting, melodies, guitars, solos, bass and drums won’t ever go out of fashion.Scarlet Rebels are on the march Show Your Colours – Track listing

1.No One Else To Blame

2.You Take My Breath Away

3. Head’s In The Ground

4.Part Of Me


6.Let Your Love Go

7.Nothing To Say

8.Save Me

9.Blinded By The Pain

10.Shattered Dreams

11.Can I Open My Eyes

12.Returning Light

13.Losing End (Bonus: Digital download/ streaming only)

14.Radio Song (Bonus: Digital download/ streaming only

15.Musicians: Lead vocals-Wayne Doyle Backing vocals -Wayne Doyle,Wayne‘Pricey’ Esmonde and Josh Townshend Guitars -Wayne Doyle, Chris Jones & Josh Townshend 

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