Tropical Depression Three Forms Off The East Coast

The Atlantic tropical season got yet another boost as a new tropical depression has formed close to the Florida coast. Fortunately, this one promises to only be a minor inconvenience for coastal areas.

As of 5 a.m. EDT, Tropical Depression Three is located at 27.0 N, 79.5 W or about 40 miles east of West Palm Beach, Fla. Sustained winds are at 35 mph, and the system is moving north at 12 mph. Minimum central pressure is 1012 millibars, or 29.89 inches of mercury.

The circulation center will likely get caught up in a cold front that is moving towards the Carolinas today. This will allow it to parallel the East Coast through the middle of the week. The strong winds associated with the front will inhibit development of the depression and the system will get absorbed into the cold front by Thursday. 

That said, a combination of the cold front and the depression will enhance rain along the Southeast Atlantic Coast this week. As much as 3 inches could pelt the Bahamas and Florida’s eastern coast. The depression’s moisture and cold front could also bring a few heavy downpours to the Carolina beaches but widespread flooding is not expected. 

Tropical Depression Three is the third storm to develop in the Atlantic this hurricane year. Subtropical storm Andrea developed prior to the official start of hurricane season, but only lasted about a day before degenerating into a remnant low. Hurricane Barry developed in the Gulf of Mexico and strengthened to a Category 1 Hurricane before striking the Coast of Louisiana earlier this month.

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