September 28, 2021

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Time served with a side of fecal matter..

Connecticut prison inmates at Osborn Correctional Institution are alleging that the tap water is contaminated by a bacteria found in sewage.

The inmates are forced to drink and shower in the water provided by the wells at the prison while guards bring in bottled water for themselves and even the prison dogs that are used to patrol the prison with.

Inmates are seeking a class-action lawsuit allage prisoners have become ill with a bacteria known as helicobacter pylori, which is mainly an water-borne and caused by sewage entering the water supply.

Oh course the state of Connecticut who can do no wrong “ever” denies the allegations, Richard Hardy, a plant facility engineer at Osborn, testified during a deposition last November that he knows of no problems with the water system and he would drink the tap water at Osborn.

Inmates say the water smells of feces or rotten food and sometimes “the water is brown, black green and has flakes of rust or some type of sediment,” wrote inmate Jeremy Barney.

Now we all know that we do not go to prison for being a perfect angel and serve time for nothing and we all know that even a criminal deserves to have clean drinking and shower water, this might not be the deal with our powers that be that run this over taxed state that we reside in.