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Governor Calls for Review of Tax on Groceries, Meals – NBC Connecticut

With weeks to go before a sales tax increase is set to go into effect for certain foods and drinks at grocery stores and restaurants, the governor is calling for a review of the interpretation of the law.

Republicans argued the tax will also target items most people consider groceries that should be tax-free and blasted the plan to also apply the roughly 7 percent tax to meal replacement bars, individual frozen desserts and snack bags weighing less than five ounces.

Democrats previously pointed out the change was part of a budget that required closing a multi-billion-dollar deficit.

On Monday, Democratic Senate leaders put the blame on the state Department of Revenue Services for misrepresenting the law and sent a letter, calling for it to change its interpretation of the sales tax application to meals.

“We were shocked to see that DRS has somehow interpreted the language in the budget (PA. 19-117) to significantly broaden the base on what meals and beverages would be covered by the sales tax. This interpretation goes against the legislative intent of the new law and against the interpretation of the new law by all three of our nonpartisan offices,” Senate Democrats wrote in a letter to Department of Revenue Commissioner Scott Jackson.

Source: Governor Calls for Review of Tax on Groceries, Meals – NBC Connecticut