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Southington Business Owner Donates Generators to Families in Need During Power Outage – NBC Connecticut

Southington Business Owner Donates Generators to Families in Need During Power Outage

While many are still waiting for their power to be restored, one Southington business is stepping up to help those still in the dark.

One Bristol family is giving thanks to a man who has made it his mission to donate generators to at least 17 families.

“We’ve been hoping every day that the power comes on,” said Kristin Ficaro, of Bristol

She and Matthew Ficaro are two of the 715,000 customers who lost their power in the state following Tropical Storm Isaias.

“The little things that we get used to, you know, the wifi, the tv,” she said.

The couple along with their two kids, Enzo and Nico, were in the dark for three nights, experiencing hot temperatures inside their home.

“It was like in the 80s up there where we were sleeping so it was pretty warm and the kids both suffer from asthma, also, so it was pretty hard,” she said.

Matthew is a type one diabetic and has severe sleep apnea, too, so the need for their power to be restored was urgent.

“It’s been hard not having him have his machine at night. We’ve been worrying about him and stuff,” Kristin said. “It’s stressful juggling it all.”

Little did the family know that help would soon be on the way.

“We wanted to go out there and help people who were in need. There were a lot of people who called us crying,” said PowerSports LLC Owner Jamie Sewell.

Sewell is the owner of Southington Power Sports LLC. Typically he sells ATVS and other motor sport vehicles.

Occasionally, he sells generators, but when he got wind of the Ficaro family’s situation, he offered to help install a generator and a portable air conditioning unit free of charge.

“We love our community. We love helping people. We’re the type of business that doesn’t like to say no. If we can go above and beyond, we will,” Sewell said.

Sewell said he’s fortunate to be in a position to offer a helping hand to those who need it.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about helping people out,” Sewell added.

And the Ficaros say they appreciate Sewell’s generosity.

“I can’t tell you, words just can’t, I’m just that overwhelmed, speechless,” Matthew added.

Source: Southington Business Owner Donates Generators to Families in Need During Power Outage – NBC Connecticut

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