June 25, 2021

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‘Clear desecration’: Trump rioters smeared poop, urinated through Capitol building

Supporters of Donald Trump who invaded the US Capitol earlier this week reportedly smeared faeces and urinated on the floors.

“Congressional staffers saw faeces in the hallways,” a source close to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told the New York Post, calling it “an intentional effort to degrade the Capitol building”.

“It came from the bathroom and they tracked it around.”

The source told the Sun-Sentinel paper there were poop footprints in several hallways. 

Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat from New York who represents Brooklyn and Queens, said there was also “clear desecration” in the form of urine.

Another representative said the rioters, many of whom are now being hunted down by the FBI, stole a memorial to the late John Lewis, a civil rights activist and politician who died last year.