April 14, 2021

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CT police seize fully-load AR-15 rifle, pipe bombs and body armor | fox61.com

NORWICH, Conn. — An investigation into a physical altercation between two roommates led to police finding an arsenal of weapons including a fully loaded AR-15 rifle and two PVC pipe bombs.

Norwich police officers responded to a disturbance at 165 Prospect St. on Sunday night. Andrew Cook, 57, was subsequently arrested after an alleged physical altercation with a roommate.

Officers on the scene determined that Cook – who was revealed to be a convicted felon with prior convictions for illegal weapon possession – may again be in possession of illicit firearms, ammunition, and ammunition manufacturing tolls.

A search and seizure warrant for Cook’s bedroom, as well as the basement and an exterior garage in the home, found a fully loaded AR-15 rifle, several 30-round high-capacity magazines for the rifle and additional ammunition, bullets, and several hundred rounds of empty shell castings.

Police also found gun powder, black body armor carrier and protective plates, and two PVC pipe bombs, which were seized by the Connecticut State Police Emergency Services Unit.

Cook is now facing multiple charges, including disorderly conduct, assault of a public safety officer, criminal possession of various weapons, illegal possession of explosives, and reckless endangerment in the 1st degree.

His bond was set at $510,000. He was set to be arraigned on Monday.

Source: CT police seize fully-load AR-15 rifle, pipe bombs and body armor | fox61.com