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Forecasters hint at snow possibility as big pattern change looms

The coldest air of the season so far will be on the move from northern Canada into the Midwest and interior Northeast, and as the air interacts with multiple storm systems, snow could develop.

This will not be Arctic air or recording-breaking cold that moves in, but it will be a change and cold enough for snow if the rounds of precipitation anticipated are steady and heavy enough.

The coldest air of the season will become established in the Midwest, and it could last longer than cold stretches have so far this autumn. Highs are expected to plummet into the 30s and 40s F on some days next week across a wide area of the North Central states, and nighttime lows will range from within a few degrees of freezing to as low as the 20s.

At the same time next week, an active storm track will set up from the central and southern Plains to the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and finally the central and northern Appalachians.

Since cold air tends to reside on the northern and western side of storms, determining exactly where that storm track will form will be key to where snow will fall.

Two main storms will be watched as potential snow threats next week, according to forecasters. The precise timing of both is not set in stone as both storms were still over the Pacific as of Thursday.

The first of the two storms is predicted to roll from the Central states to the Northeast region at midweek. This storm is likely to be weak will not have much cold air to work with, so any precipitation associated with it is expected to be light and spotty in nature. This storm could trigger cold rain showers, rain mixed with a bit of wet snow or perhaps a period of rain that ends as a bit of wet snow across a corridor from Nebraska and northern portions of Kansas and Missouri to parts of West Virginia, northern and western Pennsylvania and northern New England.

The second and stronger of the two storms is likely to develop during the latter part of the week to next weekend. Because this storm may have more cold air entrenched, it has a better chance of producing somewhat heavier cold precipitation in the form of rain, a rain/snow mix or perhaps a period of accumulating wet snow.

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