By: Paul Joseph Watson

The Metaverse

SECOND LIFE AND ACTIVE WORLDS LEFT IN THE DUST Virtual reality (VR) is becoming an increasingly popular concept and changing the way people interact across the globe. Dubbed the next evolution of social connection, a “metaverse” is a VR space where users in different parts of the globe can interact with each other and with […]

Supporters help Canadian trucker convoy providing food, gas and rides

Canadian truckers surprised by the outpour of support. Ottawa, Ontario – Canadian truckers in the “Freedom Convoy” said they were amazed at the outpouring of support from their fellow citizens. The “Freedom Convoy” is composed of truckers and other protesters who are demanding the Canadian government end federal COVID-19 mandates including vaccine requirements for cross-border travel. “There’s people […]

Facemask – The truth

Before YouTube takes this video down we have it here!

The Man Behind The Cape